About Us

Digital print technology brought radical changes to the printing industry in the 1990’s. These changes included HD quality full color printing with LOW minimums and affordable prices. This allowed smaller businesses to brand and market like the “big guys” without the big marketing budgets. The printing company that I was selling for at the time, decided to stick with the outdated process instead of embracing digital technology. It was time for a change.

So in the spring of 1995, Kathy and I put everything on the line and launched our very own print company! Yes, we would continue with the tried and true face-to-face sales but our vision also included taking the high quality and low minimums that digital printing had to offer and making it available nationwide. In 1997, we launched our online division stickerguys.com.  As our online business quickly grew, so did our product line. This prompted us to change our name to stickersandmore.com.
Our mission statement is simple: to be a leader, not a follower, in the world of custom printing. We provide quality products, competitive pricing and ethical business practices. We strive to build the platform to earn each client’s trust long after the first sale!